Index of scattered memories about video-games

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A wishlist
A list totry - I said to myself: when it comes to 50 games, stop and play; and it didn't work. I wish I would spend more time on
A ram-list not updated - to try to keep tracks, as usual
An [old] list of games found in le Cabinet de Curiosités by Maria Kalash in the french paper CanardPC

Statistiques 2014 - Jeux vidéo in 2014, I'm a bored student, I play a lot to not study.
blipblup jv2015 in 2015, it's my last year at the university and I become a psychologist
ram deuxmilseize in 2016, I worked part-time. I play a lot.
There is a gap. In 2017 I'm jobless and it's not easy.
18 in 2018, I'm still jobless until may. I move to a new town, with a new pc. I don't remember why I created a new account on this website.
chro in 2019 and then now. I work full-time and I still play a lot.

my dog is blue _ Kentucky route zero
with rue my heart is laden _ Gemini Rue
Buffy + Braid _ Life is Strange
Mini-tennis _ TENNNES
Brothers, a tale of two sons
ritournelle _ Journey
ridiculous waiting _ Ridiculous Fishing

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